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Introducing the duo you want on your team, Courtney & Steve Weng!  The top 3 things the Weng’s love – their kids, Blues Hockey (“Alexa, play Gloria” ) & Real Estate.  Courtney extends her excitement for life & positive energy to every person she meets & every marketing remark she writes.  Her honesty, sense of humor & style not only make her an excellent Realtor, but also someone you would want to play on your kickball team.  Steve’s construction background & solid character are invaluable.  He is logical, trustworthy, genuine, & while a bit calmer than his counterpart, is pretty hilarious with those one-liners.  He’s a guy who stays informed on current events & loves to debate issues of great or no importance.  Together they are Yin & Yang (Or Win & Weng) & make a wholesome team that we refer to as Weng’s Sell.  The Weng’s are landlords & rehabbers who live in Tower Grove South but can kick it with the best of them in the County.  Between work & travel, their schedules have zero chance of ever being ‘normal’ but they embrace the chaos with calendars & coffee in hand.  When the chaos calms, you can find Courtney & Steve driving down Morganford in their golf cart, BBQ-ing on their patio, or coping with teenaged angst & toddler tantrums from their daughters Lizzie & Riley.  

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I had reservations about selling my house. I was concerned I would take a loss on the property and the house would sit on the market for months. We reached out to Courtney Weng for help due to her knowledge of the real estate market in my area. She was extremely professional and honest. She told us what our options were and gave us advice on how to sell the house quickly while still making a profit. I didn't believe her when she said the house would be sold within a few weeks, but she proved me wrong. With her input and hard work the house sold in six days. I highly recommend Courtney, she made a stressful experience as easy as possible. She is a very nice person. She listened to our concerns and reassured us that she would sell our house as quickly as possible. Thank you Courtney, my family appreciates you.

- Jeremy & Stephanie Leporin

Courtney was truly amazing to work with. To be honest, I didn't have a great impression of realtors from my position in the mortgage industry, but Courtney completely changed that opinion. She was so honest and upfront, always gave knowledgeable advice and set clear expectations. Everything she did in negotiation was always for our best interest, even in negotiating our home price, we had a limit that we were comfortable with and she negotiated for a lower price that ended up getting accepted (lowering her commission since its a percentage). During the contract, she always gave us sound advice but didn't pressure us, she always wanted any addendums, ext to be what we were comfortable with. We were looking for more of a 'fixer-upper', which in the middle of winter was hard to find, and most of the homes we were interested in were being put on the market and sold within a week - she was always available for any questions and advice, whatever time of day. Since I was living out of town, she also drove over to a property to take a ton of photos for me to see if it was worth driving into town for. On the first house we put an offer into, we had only a matter of hours to make a decision, they already had multiple offers right after it was put on the market, the price was great and it was 2 blocks from a park we were hoping to live around - she cleared time in her scheduled to show us the home after I drove in to the city later at night, made if very clear the situation that we might be entering into since they home already had offers, and the time line we were on to make an offer. Even with all the pressure, she pulled me aside and could tell I was a little overwhelmed, and made sure that I knew it was my decision and let me know there would be other homes. It really meant a lot to me that she never put pressure on us to buy, she wanted us to get something we would be happy with. On the home that we did end up buying she did a great job negotiating with the seller for both the sales price and seller credit that we added prior to closing. We managed to close in a month, and around the holidays, which I pretty remarkable for the industry. Her efforts really helped to make that possible, as well as the broker she recommended, Sue King (with Garcia Properties), who we were also incredibly happy with. She is incredibly hardworking, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and honest - I don't have a single negative from our experience working with her and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a home (or multifamily, which is what we bought) in the St. Louis area.

- Nancy Borror

We recently closed on our first home after relocating to the St. Louis area not too long ago. Steve Weng at Garcia Properties was an absolute pleasure to work with, and he made our home buying experience so enjoyable. From showing us different neighborhoods, to pointing out features and benefits of the house that others may easily miss, to negotiating items with a very difficult seller, you name it and he is on it. Steve was very proactive and very responsive to all of our questions and concerns. We couldn’t have asked for anyone better for this first experience.

- Kenneth Powell and Ronecia Hamlin