Steve Weng

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St. Louis

3537 S Kingshighway Blvd
Saint Louis, MO 63139

Office: 314-353-0336
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First of all, Steve Weng loves Blues Hockey.  No, like, he LOVES Blues Hockey, okay, let's move on.  Steve has solid character, he’s honest, humble, & likes to make people laugh.  He’s stays informed on current events & loves to debate issues of great or no importance. 

After graduating with a BBA from Truman State & leaving his beloved Phi Sig fraternity house, he took the unconventional route of buying a multi-family as his first home.  As a landlord & now rehabber, he has learned valuable lessons of when to use elbow grease & when to call a pro.  His #1 neighborhood is Tower Grove South & he's intrigued by the variety of homes & attractive walkability. 

Steve married Courtney & got a really great bonus kid in 2018 & they welcomed another daughter, Riley, in 2020.  It took Courtney all of a year to convince him to join our team of ‘spouses selling houses’.  With work & travel, their schedules have zero chance of ever being ‘normal’ but they embrace the chaos.  Their home is full of pets, post-it notes & zero vegetables (get this man a multivitamin).  When the chaos calms, you can find Steve driving down Morganford in his golf cart or on the patio, BBQ-ing to his heart’s content.

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