Janea Jones

Portrait photo of Janea Jones

St. Louis

3537 S Kingshighway Blvd
Saint Louis, MO 63139

Office Phone: 314-353-0336


Meet Janeà our marketing magician who, in addition to about a thousand other things, keeps us looking fresh & fun on the world wide web.  Moving to St. Louis from Detroit, she loves the bits & pieces she’s seen & is excitely finding new hidden gems all the time.  Before joining the team, Janeà was a Youth Advocate for a nonprofit empowering and mentoring youth about leadership & mental health.  She learned a lot from that work but mindfulness is the skill she most values. Don’t mistake Janeà’s soft spoken nature with shyness.  While being the center of attention is definitely not her thing, Janeà is observant, calculated in her words & prefers good conversation to small talk.  When she’s not primping for open houses or finalizing closings, she’s probably chilling with her Xbox, jamming out to her playlist that has 3000+ songs, working on her acoustic guitar skills or keeping it Zen with a nice meditation.

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